A Benimpuhwe Program

We created Rungano-Ndota to serve our country,
starting in our community, Ruhango District.​
Since we cannot build the future for our youth, we build our youth for the future.
Rungano-Ndota is growing and we believe it can work almost anywhere!

Join the effort to empower vulnerable youth
and build a bright future for Rwanda!
When I got the opportunity to visit the youth in Ruhango, I was really amazed by their stories, by how the Rungano-Ndota Initiative has, and still is, changing their perspectives, their mindsets, in brief their lives! I was amazed at seeing how what they are taught is bringing them tremendous confidence in themselves and in the future. I am happy for having met them, and I encourage this development project that is in line with the vision of Rwanda, which is of making people self-reliant, entrepreneurship-oriented, and (why not!) being useful to others, their families, the nation, and mankind.
Jean-Luc Kibuka
Judge, Commercial High Court of Rwanda