Building a better future, together

The idea was born in the Nyungwe Forest. Some of us were visiting there in July 2016, and we decided to consider our futures. We had a long discussion one night about maybe trying to create a cooperative or a program for our community. That idea developed into Rungano-Ndota.

Some of us had known each other for many years, even since primary school. Some of us survived in 1994. Some of us were involved with other community efforts together. We all had roots in Ruhango.

The Leadership Team picked Clement Niyongira to be our first President, and Camarade Dusabimana to be our first Coordinator.

Some friends in the USA agreed to raise some funds. We visited other NGO’s to see different approaches, and we made our plans. Rungano-Ndota opened in January 2017.

We joined Beimpuhwe Organization a few months later. Since then the Leadership Team has grown, and five now serve as full-time staff.

We have 150 youth members, with 5 cooperatives operating and at least 32 individuals earning money as entrepreneurs with their own personal businesses.

We have come a long way from the Nyungwe Forest!