Let’s put our hands together to touch the sky!

Young leaders in business

In cooperatives, we exercise leadership values.  As youth strengthen their leadership, naturally they come together to work in cooperatives.  In Rwanda cooperatives enhance social integration and uplift the standard of living of their members.

The cooperatives brought youth together to develop a common business idea with shared ownership and liability.  Youth start the journey of their idea with their own savings group.  Then they must plan for their business.  To help youth develop “creative plans” Rungano Ndota organizes “Business Bootcamps.”  When their plans are strong, Rungano Ndota backs them with some financial support of startup capital for their coops to launch.  The journey boosts youth income and also awakens their minds to use their full capacity.

Salama explained the journey well: “Being in the cooperatives is being a big experience of my personal empowerment. In the cooperatives, we are becoming strong women.”

As David said, “Collaboration and cooperation in a team with good leadership makes us allies who achieve success.”  Good teamwork turns the struggling life of youth to a better future!



12 Youth Members  

30 modern hives | 8 traditional hives 

Average production 20 kilograms per month 

Registered as a legal business with the Rwanda Cooperatives Agency 

Selling to neighbors, a nearby NGO, and in the USA at the Honey Exchange in Portland, Maine!


10 Youth Members | 3.5 hectares of land 

First harvest: 65 tons of cassava 

Registered as a legal business with the Rwanda Cooperatives Agency 

Selling to the nearby Kinazi Cassava Flour factory


9 Youth Members 

Attended Vocational Training Center at Ntongwe to learn hairdressing 

Started business in “pop-up” style at Ruhango Youth Center, after Rungano-Ndota program days, and in the local market |

Building relationships to “pop-up” at area schools 

Building customers and saving to rent a shop and open a traditional salon!


15 Youth Members  

4 hectares of land – which was given by the local government 

First harvest: 7 tons of corns 

Have a 3-year contract with African Improved Food, a regional leading company, to purchase our harvest to use for Fortified Blended Food, used to fight malnutrition

Also selling to local maize wholesalers


15 Youth Members 

Finishing business plan in spring 2019 

Will operate on land given for free by local government 

Selling goats to area hotels, restaurants, and bars, with delivery service! 

Also selling manure for fertilizer to other Rungano-Ndota coops, and to other local farmers 

Also selling “fathering” services to others with goats  

Plus will provide the local clinic free goats milk for families struggling with malnutrition.