Our youth see success not just in earning today, but in building their own ways to earn for a lifetime!

After discussing with the youth, we agreed that the most important thing about their success is that they are starting and sustaining activities that generate income.  Most of them are not focused on income today.  With understandings from Rungano-Ndota, they want to save and plan for their futures.  They believe their biggest success is that capacity of thinking big about their own self-reliance. 

The youth need to learn how to do business, and we encourage them to consider many options.  In fact, 91.8% have initiated and sustained at least one “income generating activity” for their futures. 

 Here’s what it looks like:

What counts as an income generating activity?

– Starting/joining a savings group that has a plan for creating income with its savings
-Starting a personal business
-Starting or joining a cooperative business
-Launching a new product or service in an existing business
-Studying a trade at Rwanda’s technical/vocational training system with a plan for work after graduating from the one-year program
– Getting a job that pays monthly (Not temporary work)