Do not wait on a leader… look in the mirror - it’s YOU!

Rungano Days are the backbone of our initiative. Monthly we gather all the youth to develop leadership values and abilities. We are constantly building the 10 capacities of holistic leadership. We support each other, learn a lot together through discussions and activities, and actually have some fun too!

Our methodology is learner-centered and experiential. At Rungano days we create experiences through activities we share together, and we also learn from others experiences in life.

Salama explained it well: “In Rungano days, we have to know ourselves, believe in ourselves, and develop what we didn’t even know we had inside us before.”

When we gather for Rungano days, we empower each other leadership topics:

  • From gender balance and understanding interfaith … to public speaking and networking

  • From analysis of community development and health society … to spotting business opportunities and building economic sustainability

If you want to see Rungano Ndota in action, the best way is to visit a Rungano Day.

Contact us to find a time to visit.